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Category: Workforce Collaboration, Bid Management, Document & File Management
Works With: Docs
What the KitConnect Integration Does
  • Add all your repeatable elements in one single content library in the cloud
  • Keep your BIM content and documentation centralized in one place
  • Reuse and repurpose your previous design in multiple projects
  • Create rules and logic for your design elements and even define their relation to each other
  • Keep your designs up-to-date in all of your projects via a version-aware content library
  • A quick and reliable Bill of Materials (BOM) for each scenario of your design at any point
Integration Details

Design teams can reduce design time by taking advantage of a reusable KitConnect content library that keeps their designs consistent, and leaves less chance for error. The content library is version-aware preventing usage of out-of-date designs. 

About Project Frog Inc.

KitConnect is an integrated Revit to web application built on Forge. It manages a configurable, modular content library (Kit-of-Parts content). This solution includes a Revit plug-in and a web application, centralizing data in the cloud and enabling easy project scaling.