PointFuse Limited


Category: Reality Capture
Works With: Coordinate, Docs, Team
What the Pointfuse Integration Does
  • Automatically converts point clouds into intelligent mesh models that can be used within the BIM 360
  • ‘Bridges the gap between Reality Capture and & Digital Construction’
  • Pointfuse Intelligent Meshes can be classified into objects
  • Pointfuse provides ‘as-built’ models for, Clash Detection, Effective Scheduling, Verification
Integration Details

Unique to the Pointfuse process, is the automatic segmentation of the mesh into discrete, selectable surfaces, which is achieved by identifying objects based on their geometry, and assigning unique identifiers to them.

About PointFuse Limited

PointFuse bridges the gap between reality capture and digital construction. It automatically converts point cloud data from laser scanners or photogrammetry into intelligent as-built mesh models that can be classified and used in any industry BIM, CAD or CAFM system.