O3 Solutions

Category: Document & File Management
Works With: Docs
What the O3 Solutions Integration Does
  • Easily access, visualize, navigate, and interact with a virtual construction model via the web
  • Visually plan, develop, and track work packages using a virtual construction model
  • Link data from multiple data sources to the model components
  • Easily navigate the model hierarchy, search, filter, and query components
  • Quickly measure between points using face, snapping, axis locking, and quick zoom
  • Control the display of individual objects and layers, markup and print views, and share
Integration Details

With O3’s integrated solution, customers can fully scope work packages and see 3D visualizations of package status, constraint status, and material availability. Once packages are defined, customers can easily share the schedule and components and collaborate with others in the supply chain. 

About O3 Solutions

O3 is a modern SaaS platform that leverages Advanced Work Packaging and agile methods to disrupt the status quo for companies in industrial construction who want to improve productivity, safety, quality, and predictability.